The Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program (YSEP) aims to nurture budding social entrepreneurs and equip them with basic business concepts and skills. At the end of the program, students will put the acquired skills to the test by creating sustainable social contributions for the community and applying these skills in various real life scenarios. 


At the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Understand the different models of social enterprises
  • Understand and apply some basic tools to analyze market needs for a social enterprise
  • Understand and utilize the 4Ps of marketing for a social enterprise
  • Empathize with the disadvantaged communities and learn about their plight
  • Able to appreciate the disadvantaged communities' talents and abilities, which can be commercialized through social entrepreneurship
  • Execute a pilot run of their social entrepreneurship ideas


  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
    Students will get to learn about social entrepreneurship, business models and take a peek into the realities of society, analyze its needs and brainstorm ways to tackle some social issues.
  • Poverty Simulation
    Students will take on the roles of a poor family and take part in this experiential learning game. Through this, they will experience the struggles for survival and find means to pay for basic needs such as food and shelter.
  • Immersion, Appreciation and Discovery (Field Trip)
    Students will visit selected social enterprises and get exposed to the mechanics behind it.
  • Enterprise Skills Acquisition
    Students will learn entrepreneurial skills and how to market their product effectively.
  • Execution
    Students will get to share their ideas, receive personal mentoring or coaching for projects.